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AMARC International Board of Directors, elected in Accra, Ghana, in August 2015

The AMARC International Board of Directors plays an essential role in the governance and strategic direction of the organization. It is made up of elected members from different regions of the world and represents the diversity and plurality of community radio stations that are members of AMARC. Here is a description of the main roles and responsibilities of the International Board: 

  1. Definition of vision and strategy: The Board is responsible for defining the vision, mission and strategic objectives of AMARC International. It works closely with the organization's members and partners to develop action plans and policies that support the development of community radio stations and promote AMARC's core values. 

  2. Supervision of activities: The Board supervises the activities of AMARC International to ensure that they are in line with the vision and objectives set. It regularly evaluates progress and takes steps to resolve potential challenges to ensure the effectiveness and relevance of the organization's initiatives.

  3. Representation and advocacy: The Board represents AMARC International in international forums, conferences and meetings with other organizations. It defends the interests of community radios before international bodies, governments and institutions to promote the recognition and protection of the essential role of community media in the global media landscape.

  4. Financial management: The CA supervises the financial management of AMARC International. It ensures that the organization's financial resources are used responsibly and transparently, in accordance with defined strategic priorities.

  5. Decision-making: The Board makes important decisions regarding AMARC International's policies, projects and partnerships. These decisions are made in a collegial and democratic manner, taking into account different perspectives and needs.

  6. Promotion of member participation: The Board encourages the active participation of AMARC International members by consulting them regularly, promoting the exchange of information and facilitating their involvement in the activities of the organization.


In summary, the AMARC International Board of Directors assumes a strategic leadership role in ensuring that the organization remains true to its founding principles while evolving to meet the changing challenges of the global media landscape. It acts as a central pillar of engagement and cooperation between community radio stations across the world, while advancing their shared mission of promoting cultural diversity, freedom of expression and access to information at local level.

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